Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is suggested to patients suffering from periodontal disease or gum disease. Typically, gum disease manifests in the form of deepened gum pockets around the teeth area, which allow tartar depositions to accumulate below the gum line. Our dentists can detect the presence of these gum pockets either through a full-mouth examination (recommending deep cleaning if they notice gum pockets to be more than 4 mm deep) or an X-ray that reveals bone loss in the dental structure.

Deep cleaning helps remove bacteria or plaque present under the gums to prevent the occurrence of bone loss that can otherwise loosen the teeth structure. It can also pose a potential threat leading to health conditions like heart disease or diabetes. The deep cleaning dental treatment at the Rowlett Dentist includes scaling and root planning procedures. During scaling the dental tartar deposited on the tooth surface is scaled away, while root planning involves smoothing out the root surface and removing infected tooth structures.

The extent to which the gum disease has spread determines the number of dental visits you’ll be making. It may be spread across 1-4 sessions, depending on the individual. While most patients may not need additional active treatments post deep cleaning, they may have to come in for a follow-up periodontal maintenance cleaning session at about 3-6 month intervals.