Emergency Dental Care

When a dental emergency surfaces, you have little time to wait for a scheduled appointment or business hours to come into effect. The Rowlett Dentist office offers emergency dental care services for the same reason. Dental emergencies can arise from injuries caused during sports activities, trauma or accidents, which can cause the tooth to either chip off or be knocked out. In case of broken teeth, rinse it with lukewarm water, and apply a cold compress. Cold compresses also help in relieving pain caused by a cracked tooth. In case of knocked out tooth, try to retrieve the tooth while picking it from the crown and place it in a glass of salt water or milk.

Extreme tooth pain or sensitivity and swollen gums are other dental emergencies. To relieve from excruciating tooth ache, certain off the counter drugs can temporarily help when taken in small dosage. Lukewarm salt water can help ease down swollen gums. Any damage in dentures, dental crowns or loose fillings should be immediately addressed or it can elevate to cause a deterioration in your oral health.

If you need Emergency Dental Care, please call The Rowlett Dentist at (972) 401-4900 and we will to see you as soon as possible.