Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalgn or clear align braces have become a revolutionary solution to straightening teeth, and an effective alternative to metal wires and braces for children and adults. Being metal-mouthed has its disadvantages, as it may cause pain, mouth sores, injuries and discomfort, and potentially lead to tooth discoloration, plaque build-up and tooth decay. Furthermore, the general stigma associated with stigma and how it affects the appearance may take a toll on your social life irrespective of whether you’re a teen or an adult.

Invisalign clear aligners proves to be a viable solution, providing the same support as braces, only without the associated fixtures. Invisalign clear aligners are built with a clear plastic framework that sits neatly on the teeth, and makes them virtually invisible when worn. Our dentists at The Rowlett Dentist office can easily fix Invisalign onto the teeth during your visit. Invisalign has a set of aligners which can fit onto the teeth to correct dis-alignments. These dis-alignments are gradually corrected, by taking into account the positioning and orientation of the dental structure to set the aligners once in two weeks.

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