Sport and night guards

Sport Guards

Sports guards can help protect your teeth and the surrounding soft tissues from damage due to sport-related injuries. These mouth guards serve as strong, protective surfaces that dissipates any impacting force, and thereby minimize the infliction of damage and severity of the injury on the dental structure. It is important to use a well-fitted mouth guard to reduce the severity of athletic dental injuries.

Night Guards

Bruxism is a condition where patients tend to grind or clench their teeth while asleep, unaware of doing so, in most cases. Bruxism or teeth grinding can lead to headaches, jaw pain, periodontal problems, TMJ issues, broken teeth and affect teeth alignment. Dentists usually recommend patients with bruxism to wear night guards to prevent the teeth damage, while eliminating the need to carry out dental restorations due to potential tooth damage. Night guards have an acrylic construction that covers the teeth’s biting surfaces to treat bruxism and its underlying causes, with some types also helping cases of sleep apnea in patients.

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