Oral Cancel Screening

Statistics report that one American dies from oral cancer every hour. Furthermore, just half the patients who are diagnosed with the disease manage to survive for more than five years. In a predominant number of cases, the cancer is only detected in its later stages. Thankfully, screening tests can help detect the cancer, and if detected in its early stages, the survival rate of the individual can be increased up to 80 percent or higher.

Oral cancer screening should in fact, be a part of your usual dental check-ups. The screening is carried out to identify any changes that occur in the tissue lining of the tongue, mouth and lips through tactile and visual examination. In case the screening shows the presence of abnormalities, a small sample of tissue is retrieved for testing in the laboratory for biopsy.

People with a high risk of oral cancer may be more likely to benefit from oral cancer screening. Factors that can increase the risk of oral cancer include:

  • Tobacco use of any kind, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes or chewing tobacco.
  • Heavy or regular alcohol consumption for many years.
  • Previous history of oral cancer diagnosis.

Ask us whether oral cancer screening is appropriate for you and about ways you can reduce your risk of oral cancer. An early diagnosis, along with thorough screening is one of the best chances that you have against oral cancer. Contact us at (972) 401-4900 to make your dental appointment with The Rowlett Dentist today.