Pain free sedation dentistry

Nearly 30-40 million Americans cancel their medical appointments due to dental phobia. Sedation dentistry might hold the answer for those of you who are apprehensive about dental treatments and experience anxiety or panic when they are to visit a dentist’s facility. The Rowlett Dentist office offers pain free sedation dentistry options for any type of dental treatment, in a relaxing setting, while you’re under the care of our compassionate staff.

We administer a Nitrous oxide sedation, more commonly referred to as laughing gas, so patients can relax during the treatment without any anxiousness. The advantage of using nitrous oxide is that when administered optimally, the effects of the sedative wear off soon, so the patient can go about their regular activities after the treatment, and even drive themselves home after without any issues. Oral sedatives (pills or liquid) or intravenous sedatives (directly into the blood stream), may also be employed based on the patients’ requirements.

At The Rowlett Dentist office, we’re here to provide patients Pain free sedation dentistry to take away some of your anxiety achieve good oral health. Contact us at (972) 401-4900 if you have any questions on sedation dentistry, or to schedule your appointment.