Teeth Cleaning

Here, at the Rowlett Dentist, we believe that preventive dental care holds the key to happy beautiful smiles for a lifetime. As part of your preventive dental care routine, it is essential that you visit the dentist at least once in six months to undergo teeth cleaning, thereby keeping your oral health in check. A periodical bi-annual teeth cleaning helps in clearing out any tarter or plaque that are prevalent in unreachable spots which cannot be addressed without the assistance of a dental hygienist or dentist. Our dentists will also examine your dental health to take proactive measures to prevent dental conditions from surfacing. The regular tooth cleaning session may include:

  • Cleaning the teeth to remove plaque formation.
  • Polishing the teeth to address surface stains.
  • Screening to test for oral cancer.
  • Evaluating patient-specific needs and instructions for dental hygiene.

Teeth cleaning is an essential step toward preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Schedule an appointment with the Rowlett Dentist, so we can help prevent unnecessary dental issues from cropping up or elevating.