First Visit

What to expect when you visit your dentist

At The Rowlett Dentist, we aim to evaluate your dental history and understand your dental health goals on your first visit. Our dentists will also carry out a comprehensive evaluation of oral health and aesthetics, while screening for periodontal disease and oral cancer. Once Dr.Pooskoor has carefully gone over your dental history and diagnosed the state of your dental health, she will discuss the available treatment options with you. You can then make an informed decision from the various dental treatment choices presented.


Make sure you tell Dr.Pooskoor at The Rowlett Dentist about the desired outcome and other nuances, so we can tailor your dental plan accordingly. Feel free to ask our professionals any question you may have on treatment or dental care. You can also ask our staff about any queries related to financing or insurance, so you can plan the dental treatment budget accordingly. It would help if you could bring along any documents related to your dental health such as x-rays taken previously, medications, dental history record and dental insurance forms.

Contact The Rowlett Dentist at (972) 401-4900 for your consultation.