Tooth Colored Composite Fillings

Cavities are not an uncommon occurrence. It’s a different thing that they can be easily tackled. Our dentists treat tooth decays by first removing the decayed portion and cleaning the tooth. They then use dental filling (metal or ceramic resins) to restore the tooth. Dental fillings are fabricated from various materials.

Traditional fillings are made of amalgam, porcelain or gold. These are helpful restoratives for teeth that has to withstand heavy forces (for instance, the teeth in the back of your mouth), with impressive durability and strength. Some individuals, however, don’t prefer traditional fillings as they don’t resemble natural teeth. Composite resins called as Tooth colored fillings, that are made from plastic and ceramic compounds and imitate the look and functionality of natural teeth, might be an effective alternative in such cases. Composite resins are especially useful while treating decays in the front teeth, where aesthetic appearance is an important factor. They can also help in correcting minor flaws like fractures or cracks in the teeth. The extent of tooth decay and chewing load are some factors that our Rowlett Dentists will consider while choosing dental fillings for your teeth.

Once the tooth filling is placed, it is shaped and polished so it resembles the structure of the natural teeth while rendering optimal bite of the teeth.

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