Preventive Dental Care

Our dentists at the Rowlett Dentist office ensure that the long-term dental health of your family is in place by offering Preventive care for family.

  • Teeth Cleaning is a bi-annual treatment that helps clean out tarter or plaque build-up to proactively counter dental conditions.
  • Deep Cleaning> can addresses gum pocketing issues in patients with gum/ periodontal disease.
  • Flouride Treatment & Dental Sealants strengthens and protects teeth to prevent potential tooth decays in children.
  • Oral Cancer Screening is an essential part of a regular dental check-up session that helps detect signs of oral cancer in patient, if any.

Call to make an appointment for you and your loved ones at The Rowlett Dentist at (972) 401-4900, and keep you dental health in good shape.